view this video first: This project consist of a In this project, you are determining the best legal form and organizational structure for your new business. The nature of

view this video first: This project consist of a In this project, you are determining the best legal form and organizational structure for your new business. The nature of the organization’s business and the environment the business operates in are factors you must consider. Initially, Sunburst will operate locally, but within five years operations will go national (or international). Read about how you might plan these stages in Creating and Managing a New Business. In the first part of this project, you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation for potential investors and partners in your new company. In this presentation, you will analyze the pros and cons of various forms of business and recommend the best legal form of business to achieve your organization’s goals. In the second part of this project you will design an effective organizational structure for the business at its inception and in its next phase of growth. To achieve this, you’ll need to create one short paper with three sections: (1) a brief mission statement reflecting the primary goals of the business, (2) a detailed organization chart, and (3) a rationale statement that explains and supports, thoroughly but succinctly, the mission statement and structural decisions reflected in the organization chart. When you submit your project, your work will be evaluated using the competencies listed below. You can use the list below to self-check your work before submission. You go to your office to begin the task at hand—the preparation of a narrated PowerPoint presentation to potential investors that will address all of the issues involved in making this decision. For critical background information, see . You will need this information to make the best legal and organizational decisions for your business. Since one of the investors will not be able to attend a presentation in person, you need to prepare and record a narrated PowerPoint, so she can listen at her convenience. In order to complete this task, you realize that you must do some research to address the legal and strategic implications if your business is to get off the ground. Be sure to discuss the following information in your plan (refer to Legal Forms of Business before you begin writing): When your research is complete, continue to the next step, in which you will create the Powerpoint presentation for your investors. Using the information you gathered in the previous step, prepare a narrated PowerPoint. Because you will not deliver this presentation in person, it should follow the form of asynchronous presentations. Be sure to meet the following requirements: When your presentation is complete, continue to the next step, in which you will gather information about  the potential organization structure for your business. Now that you have decided on a legal organization form for your business, which currently has a single location, you need to decide on an organization structure. Organization structure determines such things as what departments the organization will need, who will report to whom, how many levels you will have in your organization’s hierarchy, and how many individuals will report to each manager (span of control). An effective structure should promote communication and coordination of efforts across the entire organization. See: Organization Structure and Design. You begin your research by formulating a number of questions, the answers to which will be reflected in a short paper that includes your mission statement, organization chart, and your rationale for these  recommendations. When you have formulated your preliminary thoughts and questions, begin your research. The resources below are a good start, but you should also conduct your own research to enhance your knowledge and the final product. When your research is complete, continue to the next step, in which you will write your short paper, which will include a mission statement, organization chart, and summary of the rationale behind your decisions. You’ve formulated your key questions; you’ve done your research; you’ve analyzed and refined your information and thoughts. Now it’s time to put it all together and start drafting your deliverable. When your mission statement, organization chart, and rationale statement are complete, continue to the next step, and submit your work. By the end of Week 7, submit the following files to the Structuring a Business folder. Before you submit your assignment, review the competencies below, which your instructor will use to evaluate your work. A good practice would be to use each competency as a self-check to confirm you have incorporated all of them in your work. Teacher Notes from previous submission: Ms. Balson, I hope that the comments here provide guidance for you as you continue to work on this project.  If you have questions about specific examples or ways to improve in the competency areas highlighted as not meeting expectations, reach out to me. Your work generally meets expectations in this competency area.  Overall you offered a professional-looking submission.  Continue to work on your formatting, though.  You prepared slides with a great deal of text, which is not ful for allowing the viewer to follow along.  A second part of this competence relates to delivery of the desired content.  Your slides contained a lot of on-screen text; however, slides should only highlight your oral comments, not be able to supplant them.  Also note that often the slides conveyed completely different information than you covered in the narrative.  While you do not want to read your slides, slides that don’t at least highlight your oral comments become difficult for the viewer to follow.  (Essentially, you force the viewer to decide if s/he will listen or read, as the presentation does not allow the person to do both easily.)  The use of a chart to contrast the two entity formats was a good choice.  It was curious, though, that you selected to use only one graphic otherwise; make a decision to strategically incorporate images or do not use them. — Your oral delivery in the Sunburst presentation meets expectations so far.  Good work.  You offered a presentation in which you spoke clearly and, for the most part, fluently.  There were a few points at which you made minor stumbles, and a challenge with pronouncing the word “hybrid”; do not hesitate to re-record a slide in order to make your presentation fluid and avoid distractions for the audience.  Overall, your narrative also expressed ideas in a coherent manner.  At times, though it did seem as if you were not sure of the content you were sharing; when you are simply relaying research, and not explaining what you have learned, that uncertainty comes across in your presentation. — You were challenged by this competency area.  In this project, your inferences and deductions were not always explained or did not always follow logically from the evidence provided.  For instance, you told the audience that you were there to talk about Sunburst’s legal structure, but for what purpose?  They were left to assume what you ultimately want them to do.  Similarly, you intimated later that you were looking at structures that could grow with the company, but you inferred that the audience was familiar with the proposed initial growth plan.  Those types of inferences should be presented and fully explained.  Also, try to avoid reaching conclusions that are not supported by the evidence.  An example appears on Slide 4, where you reject the LLC option with a vague reference to it being unhealthy for liability and tax purposes but provide no evidence for this conclusion.  When you present uncorroborated conclusions, such as that one, the audience may call into question its ability to trust your work and recommendations.  Remember, while the audience eventually does want to learn your opinion, the key is to have you use legal and ethical reasoning in reaching the opinion(s) you offer.  Such reasoning, based on solid principles, was missing in your work here.  Finally, despite the other challenges, your work did comply with the project instructions, which is critical to meeting this competency. — The milestone submission did not meet expectations in this portion of the project.  In the presentation, you did not include all of the legal forms of business entities, as instructed.  You were asked to present and examine all of the options so that the audience could make an informed decision about Sunburst today and into the future — a decision formed by having an understanding about how each entity type can be created and altered. — (Note that competency 13.3.1 does not apply to Part I of the project.)  This competency presented a challenge for you.   Missing from the milestone was a bona fide consideration of the financing options available under each type of legal business entity.  Although you made passing reference to raising revenue in your recommendation of a corporate structure for Sunburst, there was no explanation of why you reached that conclusion.  Remember, as a start-up, the acquisition of capital is critical.  Consequently, you want to offer information that will aid your working group and the potential investors as you continue making funding decisions together.  Also, your work in this project did not demonstrate an ability to evaluate and recommend legal business forms.  Here, you offered a conclusion but failed to provide explanations, or to invite the audience into your thought process, in order for others to understand the evaluation that you engaged in to reach that recommendation.  Finally, one of your overarching goals with this presentation is to encourage potential investors to sign on with Sunburst.  To do so, you must offer a persuasive value proposition.  The work submitted thus far is unlikely to achieve that goal.  As you approach each project requirement, put yourself in the shoes of someone thinking about investing in a business.  would you want/need to know in order to make a commitment?

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