This Tuesday is class, we will begin discussion our informative speeches. For this week’s discussion board, I would like for you to: 1. Choose 2 of the 4 informatively speaking

This Tuesday is class, we will begin discussion our informative speeches. For this week’s discussion board, I would like for you to: 1. Choose 2 of the 4 informatively speaking techniques 2. Discuss how you believe these 2 techniques could enhance your informative speech. As always, your initial post should be at least 100 words with your 2 responses being 50 words each. Also remember to not post all in the same day. 1.I believe that the two techniques of defining and explaining will work best to enhance my informative speech. I am thinking of doing my speech on , a -psychological phenomenon. This topic is hard to both describe and demonstrate, but it is an expansive topic that has many different parts and attributes that I can easily explain. Defining will be simple, it has one broad definition, and when I talk about the various types of the phenomenon I can further define them. The same works explaining, it is easy to explain how, or at least the various theories on how, works. Defining and explaining may be the two easiest techniques of informative speaking, but they provide some of the bigger details that have to be understood first before going into depth with the information. 2. Defining and demonstrating could both be very useful techniques to enhance informative speeches. Defining could people better understand a word you just used, or even just to define what the topic is that you are talking about. Defining also will just take a little time so that will also in reaching the time limit. Demonstrating also is very ful because it gives the audience a visual of what you are talking about. This is ful the audience understand what you are talking about more because of this, and it will also draw them in more if the demonstration is interesting enough. Demonstrating will also take a little bit of that time in the presentation to reach the time limit you need.

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