Part 1: Writing Instructions respond to the following: Part 2: Give a substantive response (about 150–200 words) to a student that adds to the furthering of the discussion: (choose one)

Part 1: Writing Instructions respond to the following: Part 2: Give a substantive response (about 150–200 words) to a student that adds to the furthering of the discussion: (choose one) a. A company that writes its instructions in multiple languages has the ability to reach a larger audience. If a company in Germany produces a product that is sold in England, it would make sense to include instructions in English as well as German. The more languages they include in the instructions, the more countries they can sell their product to without having to generate new instructions for each individual country. The negative aspect of including so many different languages is the fact that the manual will increase in size, costing more to produce. Also, if they are printing the instructions on paper, they will have a higher carbon footprint. It is very possible to include assembly instructions that everyone can follow. For example, Ikea provides instructions that only include (slightly) easy to follow pictures. By only having picture instructions, the company can save on mass producing manuals with multiple languages, thus saving money and making a smaller carbon footprint. An issue that they may run into is the fact that some consumers may have a hard time following picture instructions (see my Ikea dresser in my bedroom). I feel that the company should make their decision to include written or drawn out instructions based off of the difficulty of assembling the product. b. – The Pros for companies to write instructions in multiple languages on the same document is the fact that they only have to update and maintain one document versus having several different documents that they have to go back and forth on when changes occur. Another pro would be that since they have multiple languages on one page it wont make it seem like whatever the instructions are for, aren’t directed to only one group of people more than the other. A Con for this would be that sometimes the more languages there are it could become harder to follow because of the amount of content that is on one document. With the separation of the documents, it makes it easier for people to go to the exact language they speak or are looking for and the exact information that they need is right there. I think one thing that most people find easier to follow would be pictures. and maybe script in the most simple form. The pros to this would be that everyone could use it and it would be beneficial for all parties, but a con to this is the fact that because there is so little script, depending on the complexity of the instructions, the pictures could start to get more confusing as well. c. A pro to having instructions written in multiple languages is that it gives the product marketability to a wide audience. If a company in Japan is going to sell a product to the North America, then it would be logical to include Japanese, English, Spanish, and French. If measurements are involved, it would also be a good idea to include English and Metric. The downside is the increase cost of supplies. This will mean more paper and toner will need to be used. There is also the labor cost to consider. The company may also need to hire staff that are fluent in each language to write, proof read, edit and finalize the directions. Otherwise it is very easy to have a translation error. It is possible but difficult. The photos or artwork needs to be very clear the the reader on what needs to be done. It would be beneficial to have the directions tested by a variety of different people and get feedback on how to improve the directions. Eventually, you might be able to write directions that are almost perfect. A good example of directions that are only photos or drawings are those for Legos. Many of the Lego build kits are intended for young kids with varying levels of age and skill. The instructions are written in a manner that is decently clear on what block goes where. d. With globalization market companies want to reach their products around the world. The advantage of writing instructions in multiple languages will target mass audience and will open trade to more country and increase productivity. It depends of companies’ audience play a big role I would select 3 or 4 major language that the majority countries read. Pro for the companies is that once it’s printed all they have to do updated one document instead of updated several documents with multiple language. The cost is less than printing documents with multiple language. The disadvantage is the more languages in the document the bigger paper will be and difficult to read. Also, most of the time fonts are very small and very hard to read, customers might get quickly frustrated and stop buying that product. It is possible to create instructions to everyone to follow even if the user don’ t know how to read. Using pictures, the best way to illustrate the instructions of the product.  For example, Dye hair product can use pictures or video user can click the link and choose the language they prefer and watch the video. The video will show steps by steps and instructions how to dye hair. The pro of this is that easy to understand and visualized the instructions. Some reason If the users don’ t understand they can repeat the video as they wish. The con is not everyone can have access to the computer.

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