CINS 137 FA 2014 FINAL EXAM ASSUMPTIONS: You are to assume that you have signed a “contract” to generate an basic customer ordering system for a small doughnut shop (Ye

CINS 137 FA 2014 FINAL EXAM ASSUMPTIONS: You are to assume that you have signed a “contract” to generate an basic customer ordering system for a small doughnut shop (Ye Old Doughnut Shoppe), something that will allow Customers to fill in their order in a Visual Basic program running on a Notebook Pad or Laptop and submit electronically. The ordering systems Submit Button sends the order to a .txt file or a database which then automatically feeds the order to the doughnut shop employees. (Assume also that this database will eventually (future use) be used for controlling inventory and purchasing of supplies. Not necessary to do anything with this in this Final Exam. Not part of your present “contract”). You are to make this system extremely user friendly. The system is to look very professional and eye appealing with a nice background graphic and at least two foreground graphics that are related to the business itself. Assume that you will have three Forms, Customer Order, Employee Processing, Cashier, and either a .txt or a database file for you to be able to manipulate the data. CUSTOMER INPUTS: Customers will first add their Name on the FORM which should automatically cause your .txt or database file to be read to obtain the next Order Number (at least 5 digits long) which is read to the Order Number Label with at least 4 digits. Start at any random number you choose and increment by 1 for each order. The Customers then select whatever they wish to order by placing a number is some container designating the quantity ordered. (These can be in any order, however, ALL MUST BE PRESENT AND ACTIVE ON YOUR ORDER FORM. When finished Customers will push the CALC TOTAL button to see the Total Cost of their order, Taxes, and Grand Total. They then push the SUBMIT Button or they should have a way to CANCEL this order (make sure the .txt or database results in the cancellation somehow also – you will not be able to CANCEL the Order Number, so a message “Cancelled by Customer” should be inserted. Doughnut Choices Glazed @ $0.55 Sugar @ $0.55 Chocolate @ $0.95 Apple/Cinnamon @ $1.15 Filled @ $1.25 Dozen @ $8.79 (limited to 1 Doz. Per customer) Coffee Choices Hot water @ $1.00 Regular @ $1.35 (5 or more per order = 10% discount) Decaf @ $1.35 (5 or more per order = 10% discount) Late @ $2.30 (5 or more per order = 10% discount) Cappuccino @ $2.65 (5 or more per order = 10% discount) Extras Choices Extra Cream @ $0.25 Extra Sugar @ $0.25 Powdered Sugar @ $0.50 Whipped Cream @ $0.50 Foil Coffee Pkt @ $0.65 Foil Tea Pkt @ $0.75 Add the note on the Form that customers may only take a maximum of 1 dozen doughnuts. And in the Total group 5 or more coffees @ 10% discount (see in lists above). Add a CALC TOTAL Button Add a SUBMIT ORDER Button. Add your “Designed by “Your Name” at the bottom in a nice text. SUBMITTED ORDERS: At the click of the SUBMIT ORDER button the data from all fields should be read into your .txt or database file. This same information should then be read into another FORM that shows a shortened version of the order for employees to fill. ONLY ITEMS THAT WERE ACTUALLY ORDERED SHOULD SHOW ON THE FORM EMPLOYEES USE TO FILL ORDERS. FILLED ORDERS: Employees cannot change an order once placed! The shortened form comes up on an ORDER MONITOR form them to fill. The only action available to them on their monitor is to push a FILLED ORDER Button. This causes one additional bit of information to be read into the .txt or database file that the order transaction was filled. CASH REGISTER TRANSACTION: The person running the Cash Register will see the same file that employees see when filling the order – with some noted exceptions. The Cashier can also CANCEL the transaction if there is a problem with the order. The Cashier can also accept the payment and push a PAID Button that will also send data to the .txt or database file with the PAID amount. Submission Instructions follow on next page SUBMISSIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXAM: Screen Shots: ALL screen shots should show a minimum of THREE ORDERS! ALL screen shots are to be of the ACTIVE WINDOW ONLY!! No Full Screen screenshots! 1. Screen shots of three Customers’ Orders Forms. 2. Screen shot of .txt file OR database file with minimum of 3 orders showing. 3. Screen shot of Form employees use to fill orders with min. of 3 orders showing. 4. Screen shot of three Customers’ Payments – Cashiers forms. place your screen shots in the same order as shown above on your word processor document for SUBMISSION IN BLACKBOARD. You will need to go back to SES#14 to submit your document. Size you screen shots down if you wish, however, I need to be able to readily READ your information on the screen shots. Mid-Term Files & Final Files start a NEW FOLDER with your last name, first initial, course number to contain your two Folders containing your Mid-Term and your Final Exam files. Pull your Mid-Term and Final Exam Folders into this New Folder. FOLDERS ONLY, DO NOT MIX YOUR FILES! Right-click the New Folder containing your two Exams and SEND TO a COMPRESSED FOLDER. Send this compressed Folder to my campus eMail Address ( ). I save these files into long-term storage!!

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