Assessment requirements: As a consultant, you are asked by the new Managing Director of BICICLETA Ltd to prepare report on the three performance levels of

Assessment requirements: As a consultant, you are asked by the new Managing Director of BICICLETA Ltd to prepare  report on the three performance levels of the company. It is expected to get a better understanding of how the performance can be raised and measured. Your report should cover some key points and make a clear recommendation. The Managing Director gives you some guidelines on the report structure as follows: • An attention-grabbing introduction detailing the three performance levels. • The intended outcome of a performance management system. • The approach to measure performance of all levels. • What are the risks of such a management system and how can these be mitigated? • Finally, recommendations on the next steps e.g., how to build a measurement plan and validate the opportunities. The Managing Director has a short attention span, they do not want a lecture on theory in detail. They need to know the facts from the field and therefore the report must contain the most important information so that they can evaluate the above points and make decisions. note: Theory should be applied specifically to the service to demonstrate understanding. Simply explaining theory is not sufficient. Refrain from copying and pasting content from the web, but instead, summarise information effectively. In order to be effective and provide direction to employees, organisations need to carefully define their objectives. Imagine you are a management consultant, writing a report for Veronica Velocista, the new Managing Director of BICIATLETA Ltd. In the report for Veronica, compare the main advantages and disadvantages of (1) the top-down approach and (2) the MBO approach to the setting of objectives. Your report should address the topic in general, not specific to Veronica’s business. (60 marks) . Outline and critically discuss one SMART objective, which BICIATLETA Ltd might consider working to achieve. This answer should be specific to BICICLETA. Include in your answer the advantages of SMART objectives. (40 marks) Discuss four internal drivers of change, which impact the effectiveness of BICIATLETA Ltd. In your answer, identify which of those drivers may force the company to make major strategic changes and what the nature of those changes might be. (100 marks) Marks Question Three Control allows managers to measure the progress of the organisation. Outline different types of control and create control mechanisms for a Managing Director who recently took over a company’s lead. Take BICIATLETA Ltd as an example. (100 marks) In today’s dynamic business environments all companies are vulnerable to some amount of risk. Analyse the risks for a company like BICICLETA Ltd and prepare a contingency plan to effectively mitigating these risks. (100 marks)

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