1) Miguel, the HR manager at A1 Appliances, is preparing a newly promoted employee for her role as a supervisor. In his experience, he will

1) Miguel, the HR manager at A1 Appliances, is preparing a newly promoted employee for her role as a supervisor. In his experience, he will need to address the new supervisor’s nervousness about conducting performance appraisals. What is the most likely cause of this nervousness? 2) A team of five to seven employees is assigned a problem and must work together to solve it within a certain time period. Which of the following techniques is being used? 3) Donna, a supervisor at Cenate Inc., wants to compare the performance of her employees. If she does this by listing the employees from best to worst performer, which of the following terms describes her method? 4) Generally speaking, the contents of employees’ email and voicemail messages on companies’ systems are 5) Which of the following situations is an example of a voluntary turnover? 6) The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) identifies individual’s preferences for source of energy, means of information gathering, way of decision making, and 7) In the context of validity in performance appraisal, information that’s gathered but irrelevant is called 8) Ricardo, vice president of Salt Crumbs, is reviewing the development program for the company’s middle managers. He notes that management development includes psychological profiles and mentors, as well as lateral moves to positions that give managers a broader view of the company. Ricardo would like to add a component of formal education. Which of the following options could be included in this new component? 9) When conducting a workplace search, employers can act fairly and minimize the likelihood of a lawsuit by 10) Which of the following is true of formal education as an approach to employee development? 11) Which of the following is true of the relationship between training and development? 12) Open-door policy, peer review, and mediation are methods of 13) Jarvis, a manager at Livingston Corp., believes that he can fire Yolanda, his subordinates, at any time he wishes to do so. Which of the following, if true, would strengthen Jarvis’ belief? 14) The type of performance management system in which a company assembles performance data on individuals from most or all of their contacts within and outside the company is known as 15) Zenita was a creative writer at the Machner Group before her editor asked her to try out her skills at photography in the company’s visuals department. After completing a short course on photography, Zenita joined the visuals department. Which of the following methods of job design did Zenita experience? 16)  An employee’s tolerance for uncertainty and ability to get along with others are assessed in 17) A__________ career changes frequently based on changes in a person’s interests, abilities, and values and in the work environment. 18) Armando, a manager at a top engineering company, believes he can hire a few employees by promising them job security and later terminating them if business slows down. On what grounds could such a termination be considered a wrongful  discharge? 19) Schram Enterprises, a software company, conducts Inscape’s DISC inventory assessment to evaluate its employees. The assessment reveals that there are very few employees who are calm, supportive of others, and works far ahead of any deadlines. Which of the following DISC  categories applies to the employees described in the scenario? 20) Which of the following s performance management meet the goals of supporting strategy and developing employees?

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